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2023/11/23 22:05:16


カテゴリー: 日記
Yesterday I went to Owaka for meeting of company by bullet train.At last I don't buy
anything to eat and come back home.The transportation time is sum five hours.
2023/08/16 22:08:02


カテゴリー: 日記
At last bon horiday ends.I read the novel and
book about history of medecine.I have to work
tomorrow,carefully heat strowk.
2023/07/16 12:53:04


カテゴリー: 日記
The three days continual horiday gets started.
but have no plan go out somewhere,worry about
heat strowk with humidity and hot temperature.
The beach nearby will clowded with people.
2023/05/14 22:17:22


カテゴリー: 日記
At last I ate nuudle free chiket presented by
colleguae.The shop is small and empry,no one
enter the shop when I stay here.I ate completely souce of fish.The taste is not good
2023/05/07 23:15:39


カテゴリー: 日記
THe extend horiday ended soon.At last I could
not eat nodule near shop charged free.Furst the
message says today the shop go out in the stadium faraway .Second today and tomorrow will extend horiday.Third today the soup of nuudle sold out.
2023/04/25 20:54:28


カテゴリー: 日記







2023/04/23 20:58:33


カテゴリー: 日記
The news says that infant died pool in Fukui prefacuture.Why infant swim deep pool 1.2m.
In general infant swim special lane 0.5m.I
didn't go to pool because feeling uneasy.
2023/03/05 21:33:25

the pain right hand

カテゴリー: 日記
Recentery I feel slightly pain right hand.The
cause is exseive using computer input vain statics.The statics is why need? It is vain
for another people.
2023/01/22 21:28:06


カテゴリー: 日記
It is rainning now.The cold air mass will aproach Japan the next tomorrow.The weather focast say it will be heavy snow ,the traficc disruption occured,flowzen water pipe will damage.Two days continual horiday ended soon.In fact I don't want
to commute company heavy snow.
2023/01/15 20:29:25


カテゴリー: 日記
I feel slightly pain wright leggs last october.The cause is computer input job.So I
want to take a rest everyday within working
time.At least it take 45 minutes recovery cure
masle system.
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