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2023/01/22 21:28:06


カテゴリー: 日記
It is rainning now.The cold air mass will aproach Japan the next tomorrow.The weather focast say it will be heavy snow ,the traficc disruption occured,flowzen water pipe will damage.Two days continual horiday ended soon.In fact I don't want
to commute company heavy snow.
2023/01/15 20:29:25


カテゴリー: 日記
I feel slightly pain wright leggs last october.The cause is computer input job.So I
want to take a rest everyday within working
time.At least it take 45 minutes recovery cure
masle system.
2023/01/09 19:36:49


カテゴリー: 日記
The short period horiday ended soon.I take a rest for asleep.Sometimes I start water drawing view of bay of Hakata.It took 10 minutes to draw picture.The drawing tecknical
skill is need but most important is what I want to express in my heart.
2023/01/04 20:27:36

カテゴリー: 日記











2023/01/04 20:14:07

seventh day

カテゴリー: 日記
At last 7 continual horiday ended soon.Today
I met cat near port.In this area the cat aproach man to feed.I have no feed.Cat negrect
me.It is windy no obstacle sheashore.
2023/01/03 18:10:10

sixth day

カテゴリー: 日記
I went shopping furst time this year near supermarket and bought lucky bag pan.The price is one thousand yen.In fact the price is
not low price expected.The sum pan is about one thousand one hundred yen.The lucky bag I bought is tranparent.
2023/01/02 22:03:56

fifth day

カテゴリー: 日記
Today it was very fine,sunshine is beautiful for new year.But at last I never went out without gavage.Sometimes the idea hit upon prey for peaceful and healthy life near shurine.I scare infection disease crowd conditions in the shurine.
2023/01/01 17:51:09

forth day

カテゴリー: 日記
I feel slightly headeck.I went for shopping
center faraway from 10km by bicycle.The stay
time is about 10 minutes.I catch a cold or
newly disease.So I slept again,sometimes I
ate meal,but symptom not recovery.At last today I did not go anywhere,watch youtube video mounting climb Mt.Everest or Fuji.
2022/12/31 22:53:57

third day

カテゴリー: 日記
I feel sligtly pain back,because too sleep till late morning at nine.In fact sleep is
important for cure pain masle,but the style
of sleep is burden for back.So I sometimes change sleeping style at night.
2022/12/30 20:26:04

second horiday

カテゴリー: 日記
I went on near bank check account saraly income.And I access internet online bank check
individual income.I failed access because lost
password again.
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